This tutorial will walk you through step by step how to use Bribe on Polygon.

How to Switch Networks

Here we use MetaMask wallet as an example.

Step 1: Click on “Ethereum Mainnet” on the top

Step 2: Select the network you wish to use, like “Matic Mainnet”(which is Polygon’s previous name) and you’re…

We are excited to announce Bribe Protocol is going to expand on Polygon Network(previous Matic), a high-capacity Ethereum L2 sidechain.

Launch Time: 2021 May 12, 12am UTC

$BRIBE Token address on Polygon: 0xA9e0CDE4bE86F5DF7e2888753E5F663A41220469


Ethereum-Polygon Bridge:

Dex on Polygon:

Why Launch on Polygon?

In the last three weeks, Bribe has experienced…

First Week Brief 👏

Bribe Protocol’s first week was brimful of airdrops, yield farming opportunities, and price discovery. We are pleased to see a prosperous community(over 4000 members on Discord), piles of staking(over $5M TVL.), and juicy farming rewards(APY around 2000%). …

Introduction to Bribe Farming

As Bribe Protocol aims to bring liquidity and utility to algorithmic stablecoins, liquidity farming is essential to ensuring robust demand. Bribe Protocol chooses FEI, a heated algorithmic stablecoin with high recognition, as a kick-off to launch Bribe Farm and invites all FEI holders to make use of their stablecoins to…

The Bribe Protocol team is excited to announce the Bribe token airdrop, which is scheduled to start on April 22nd at 2am UTC. Eligible protocol participants, early community members and contributors are welcomed to claim the $BRIBE token airdrop to celebrate the project launch. …

Following our previous article about Fei stablecoin, we propose a community-based project, BRIBE, a cross-chain farming and liquidity protocol that brings super-powered utility to FEI and enhance DAO governance. The protocol and Bribe DAO will expand the support to multiple algorithmic stablecoins in the future.

Problem: The challenges in stabilizing FEI stablecoin

We iterate the challenges of…

The genesis launch of Fei Lab’s stablecoin protocol marks the biggest launch in DeFi history. The algorithmic stablecoin protocol raised 639,000 ETH, or $1.3 billion at the time of launching, and supplied liquidity to Uniswap’s biggest pool FEI-ETH with $2.6 billion liquidity. However, the moment the project launched, every investor…

Bribe Protocol

A one-stop shop for bringing cross-chain liquidity to every algorithmic (un)stablecoin

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